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Dairy Free / Vegan Friendly Options / Refined Sugar Free / Raw Foods

to introduce you and your family to some of our most nutrient dense recipes we share with our clients during their health & fitness journey. 


We have put together some of our favorite, Refined sugar free, vegan friendly and dairy free recipes into 60 pages of INSPO for you. With plenty of room to adjust spices and sweetness to your personal liking we have created the base of some nutrient dense recipes for you and your family.   


This Ebook didn't come to us for weightloss purposes although we obviously work with people daily to assist in this area. 


This Ebook was designed when we had to make a switch to refined sugar free, dairy free AND reduce meat for health reasons. We were forced to experiment a whole new world of foods and recipes and the overall health benefits we saw through our day to day life was incredible. Almost instantly noticed in fact. Through energy and moods not to mention the improvements through our own blood work. We were very excited to share some of our delicious meals we like to indulge in our household with clients and now here online for everyone. 



You can expect nutritious breakfast recipes, meal replacement smoothies, pasta dishes to beautiful refined sugar free slices, cheesecakes cookies and more. 


Going more raw food or plant base as some may put it was personally a turning point for us a trainers where we turned away from "calorie counting" and focused on "fueling the body" and the weight loss came hand in hand with these lifestyle changes. 


We hope you enjoy these recipes. 


We would love to hear your feedback. 


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*Disclosure these recipes are not guaranteed to make you lose weight. This is not a weighloss meal plan ebook. 

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