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My online training program gives you the guidance, motivation and tools to achieve great physical results fast

Hey, I’m Addy and let’s be honest here – as a guy it’s nice to have muscles and feel good about yourself.

Watching yourself get buff and trim down while your feeling of strength and wellbeing improves is life changing!


Imagine if YOU:

  • looked forward to going to the beach and taking your shirt off…

  • had way more confidence about attracting your ideal partner and life circumstances…

  • felt physically impressive and proud of yourself all the time…

  • massively improved your health and resistance to disease…

Working out has honestly transformed my life and the lives of hundreds of people I have helped to become fit and strong.

The problem is there’s so much confusion as to exactly what you need to do to achieve great results fast – without wasting time, hurting yourself or just getting nowhere!

I’ve been winning body building competitions and working in the fitness industry for 8 years now - I get so many people asking me how I can personally train them without paying me top dollar and without having to travel to my home town in sunny northern New Zealand…

My online training program gives you everything you need to succeed and transform your life


I’ll be your virtual personal trainer.  Inside the mens only online toolbox I’ve created for you, you’ll find everything you need and I’ll be with you every step of the way.


This program is for you if you’re interested in:

  • Extreme weight loss

  • Optimising hormone balances

  • Building Strength & Power

  • Insider tips to improve strength and performance

  • Feeling confident in your own skin


I’m going to be your virtual trainer and I’ve create an awesome online toolbox to give you everything you need, I’ll be with you every step of the way.


Here’s what you’re gonna get:

  • My top-level coaching and passion to help you achieve your fitness goals


  • One on one time with me via Skype (4 x 30 minute sessions) or email to answer all your questions


  • 30 brand new workout videos every month – no workout will ever be the same!


  • Downloadable PDF version of your chosen workout


  • Fully explained and detailed training videos so you’re comfortable and know exactly what to do to get results


  • Warm up sheet – to avoid injury


  • Training log - to track your progress


  • You’ll get access to both my beginner and advanced workout programmes, meaning that as you get more fit you can progress to higher intensity or if you’re having an off day you can still work out at a more easy pace

I look forward to helping you transform your life- we’re going to achieve some exciting results together, so click the button above and I’ll see you on the other side!

- Addy