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My online training program gives you the guidance, motivation and tools

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Hey I’m Abby, personal trainer to hundreds of women – let me ask you how good it would feel to look AMAZING in that slinky little dress for your friend’s wedding?


Whether it’s looking great or getting your body healthy to conceive, give birth or recover faster afterwards – getting in shape is utterly life changing!


As a woman, toning up and slimming down gives you more self-confidence, makes you feel sexy, but also gives you more energy, a stronger immune system and an improved night’s sleep.


Imagine if YOU:

•    looked forward to social events so you can show off your new bod…

•    set an INSPIRATIONAL example for your family by becoming fit and healthy…

•    finally balanced your hormones and felt better all the time…

•    massively improved your health and resistance to disease…

I used to be unfit and overweight but I learned a few secrets…

I went on to entering Bikini contests, winning bench press competitions and then training athletes in a short space of time!

The problem with going to the gym is there’s so much confusion as to exactly what you need to do to achieve great results fast – without wasting time, hurting yourself or just getting nowhere!


My sought after “specialist women’s workout” expertise combined with the results I consistently get for my clients mean - I’m always booked out as a personal trainer for one on one sessions…

which is why I’ve decided to help more women with my online program.

My online training program gives you everything you need to succeed and transform your life


I’ll be your virtual personal trainer.  Inside the women’s only online toolbox I’ve created for you, you’ll find everything you need and I’ll be with you every step of the way.


This program is for you if you’re interested in:

  • Extreme weight loss

  • Correcting hormone imbalances

  • Toning up those stubborn women’s problem areas

  • Exercising correctly and safely while pregnant

  • Recovering faster after giving birth and having the energy to keep up with your kids


Here’s what you’re gonna get:

  • My expertise and track-record to help you achieve your fitness goals faster


  • One on one time with me via Skype (4 x 30 minute sessions) or email to answer all your questions


  • Access to all of my specialised programs on getting in shape, including preparing for and recovering from child birth and targeting those thighs and glutes – plus many more.


  • Specific exercises targeting women’s problem areas such as your hips, bum and tummy


  • 30 brand new workout videos every month – no workout will ever be the same!


  • Downloadable PDF version of your chosen workout


  • Fully explained and detailed training videos so you’re comfortable and know exactly what to do to get maximum results


  • Warm up sheet – to avoid injury


  • Training log - to track your progress


  • You’ll get access to both my beginner and advanced workout programmes, meaning that as you get more fit you can progress to higher intensity or if you’re having an off day you can still work out at a more easy pace

I’m really looking forward to working with you to sculpt the “new you”, so click the button above and I’ll see you on the other side!