A couple of trainers who are just straight out passionate for what we do!  


A couple of trainers who are extremely passionate about what we do!

Addy Garland-Olla


Addy started his career in personal training after coming out of the army 8 years ago. He has competed in body building and won Auckland's overalls and his category. 


He got into personal training for personal reasons.


"Basically the gym saved my life. 'as I say" it kept me motivated and on track. It moulded me to be the person I am today. Through that I began to train people and have always been more than just a trainer. I guess it's a good and bad thing but I generally become good mate's with clients which means I help them through more things in life than just working out. This has also allowed me to help clients loose between 20 - 30 kilograms, compete as athletes and also help them achieve some crazy things in the gym such as big lifts an smashing personal bests. Complementing this, I have been able to help my clients become more focused toward succeeding in business and in life. Many of my clients tend to be business owners and corporate business men".


"Good experience and passion is KING! And that is what drives me".

Abigail Clarke


Abby aka 'Ab'z' jumped into personal training 3 years ago. She studied while working at Fit Factory.

From there Addy and Abby started Addy&Abby PT and helped a serious amount of people get fit and healthy !


"Abby is like a little ray of sunshine as people keep saying! If you're looking for someone to make you smile and give you a shot of HAPPY then Ab'z is the perfect fit. She has helped people get on stage and loose over 35kgs!".


Abby competed in the Optimum Nutrition bikini show a few years ago. Not only did she look absolutely amazing, she also pushed herself way out of her comfort zone. Ab'z also won her weight class for a bench press competition last year!





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